Monday, August 22, 2011


Sorry about the hiatus; I graduated, moved back in with my parents in Houston and have been working multiple jobs while trying to search for a full-time job that might actually have something to do with art, so needless to say, I have not been painting much... until NOW! I had quite the tumultuous week last week and I finally realized that painting is and always will be MINE. No matter how bad, unstable or unreliable every other aspect of my life becomes, I know that I can always pick up a paintbrush and a roll of masking tape and slowly fall into another world. I'm feeling much better about every aspect life after just starting one small painting, I've got some big plans for a new series of small, get this, COLORFUL paintings. Stay tuned (and hound me to update more frequently)!

What better way to jump back in the game than with the man who started it all for me, Mies van der Rohe.